About Bulgaria

Our company is a licensed independent tour operator based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was established in 2009 as an incoming tour operator and DMC for Bulgaria. Our team of professionals is committed to providing our clients with the best products, highest service standards and the lowest possible prices. We are constantly seeking to enhance and expand our product range, and are always happy to serve any needs or special interests of our partners, customers and clients.

Carpe Diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace meaning "seize the day". Part of our philosophy is that one should enjoy life and take advantage of any opportunity that comes. Life is too short and busy to miss it, and we are looking forward to assist you in this mission.

Bulgaria – the Undiscovered Eden in Eastern Europe
When God gave land to the peoples of the Earth, the Bulgarians were at the end of the queue, and when their turn came God had no land left anymore. God pondered, stretched out a hand, took a portion of Eden and gave it to the Bulgarians to live in. Bulgaria is: mountains spreading out to the sea, golden sandy beaches, the fragrance of roses, delicious wine, hot mineral springs, the unforgettable sound of the bagpipes, land of ancient treasures and unsolved mysteries, divine energy…

Why Bulgaria?

- Bulgaria is a unique combination of diverse nature – mountains, plains, rivers, sea, mineral springs and valleys, nature phenomena combined with rich cultural heritage, authentic traditions and friendly people.


- A favorable destination all the year round thanks to its four clearly distinct seasons.


- It may not be widely known, but those who visit it are always pleasantly surprised and spell-bound.


- It can cater for diverse tastes.


- Best value-price ratio


- Large number of new and modern hotels

Bulgaria Offers

- Rich archeological and cultural heritage from the Neolothic era to present days - Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Bulgarians, Ottomans, masterpieces of Christian art and unique temples - Black Sea – long golden sandy beaches, clear blue water, a large variety of resorts and hotels and possibilities to have fun - Skiing –a desirable destination for skiing, snowboarding and extreme winter sports - SPA & Wellness – more than 600 mineral springs combined with top SPA and balneology hotels - Festivals and Cultural events – an endless series of events and festivals to your souls’ delight... Verdi Festival in Plovdiv, Stage of Ages in Veliko Tarnovo, International Jazz Festival in Bansko, Kaliakra Rock Festival, Spirit of Burgas, Rose Festival… - Wine & Cuisine - unique wines and dishes